​​Thank you to all of our customers once again!!

Zafra got Connecticut  Magazine's 2020 Editors Picks for both Latin Restaurant and Cocktails. 

Check out our article in CT Magazine

​​"ZAFRA" - the term refers to the sugarcane harvest in the Caribbean. Sugarcane was Cuba's principal crop. The term became internationally known in the 1960's due to sugarcane's importance to Cuba. 

Zafra is proud to be the first rum bar in Connecticut. With hundreds of different types of rum. We are also one of the largest rum bars in the USA!

Our extensive menu showcases creative Cuban cuisine and rum inspired dishes. Truly something for everyone!

259 Orange St.

New Haven, CT



Sunday:          CLOSED

Monday:         CLOSED

Tuesday:         4:00pm  - 9:00pm

Wednesday:   11:30am - 9:30pm

Thursday:       11:30am -10:00pm

Friday:           11:30am -10:30pm
Saturday:        4:00pm - 10:30pm


  Inspired Cuban cuisine


Parking on Nights and Weekends

is only $3 all night at the

Credit Credit Card lot at 32 Elm St. 

And a free* YALE parking lot (*after 4pm) on Temple St. just before Elm St. 

New Haven Meters are in effect until 9pm Mon-Sat.